AMZMonitor Review 2023: Best Amazon Seller Software To Track What Your Competitors Are Doing

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Added on Nov 13, 2022
AMZMonitor Review 2023: Best Amazon Seller Software To Track What Your Competitors Are Doing

Selling on Amazon offers a lot of amazing perks. For one, selling on the world’s biggest eCommerce platform only requires a low initial investment. Amazon is friendly to new sellers who do not have much yet to start with, and listing fees on Amazon are relatively low. With Amazon, you can reach out to millions of customers worldwide. According to data published on dropshipping app Oberlo, Amazon was used by 98 million users every month in 2021. Another advantage of selling on Amazon is that you can benefit from its reputation. The eCommerce platform enforces a lot of rules to make their marketplace a reliable and safe place to shop. Furthermore, Amazon also has the Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA. You may have heard about this before. Well, FBA is a system wherein you simply send your inventory to Amazon, and they will handle the picking, packing and shipping of your products directly from their warehouse. With Amazon, you have a partner. And they mean it well. When you sell on Amazon, your customers are their customers, too, first and foremost. Amazon handles most of the technical details, to begin with, and they also offer fantastic customer service, especially if you use their FBA feature. Amazon takes care of address changes, customer inquiries, order problems, and so much more. So if you are an eCommerce business owner and not yet selling on Amazon, you are surely missing a lot. But selling successfully on Amazon does not end with you placing your products for sale on its listings. You also need to get a good picture of the bigger scenario. That means monitoring your competitors and seeing what they are doing. But how can you do this? This is done by using the right tools. In this review, we are going to tackle AMZMonitor, one of the best Amazon seller software today that many Amazon sellers use. It is time that you use this as well. It will help you get ahead of the ever-competitive landscape of selling on Amazon.


What Is AMZMonitor?

AMZMonitor is a monitoring software for Amazon sellers that allow them to track and monitor the listings of their competitors, be alerted when their own listings are hijacked, and track how these sellers’ listings are ranking in the search results for particular keywords. But AMZMonitor has more features to offer than just these. Read on the find out.

What Are The Capabilities Of AMZMonitor?

Below is the rundown of the things that AMZMonitor can do for Amazon sellers.

Prevent Amazon Listing Hijacking

Amazon listing hijacking is rampant. Do you need protection for your Amazon listings from getting hijacked which can drive you out of the Amazon business? AMZMonitor can provide a tough protection. This software sends timely alerts every time an unauthorized seller is offering a counterfeit or similar version of your products.

Get Ahead Of The Competition With Buy Box Tracker For Amazon And Amazon Price Tracker

With AMZMonitor, you will never miss out on the latest price trends and Amazon, and you can also track your Buy Box performance, so you can formulate the best Amazon sales strategy for your business. Using this software, you will also be given a perspective of your competitors through Amazon prices. In today’s competitive landscape when selling on Amazon, it is vital to track Amazon prices and receive timely alerts when your product listings are under price competition by your competitors. AMZMonitor has a price change tracker than enables Amazon sellers to monitor hourly changes in Amazon prices, so you can continuously offer the best prices on the marketplace.

Automated Product Review And Rating Monitoring

Taking prompt action each time you receive a new Amazon review is also vital to the success of your business on this platform. Good reviews on Amazon not only contribute to stronger brand credibility but also create healthier customer loyalty, more popularity with Amazon’s search algorithm, and stronger customer satisfaction. AMZMonitor has an Amazon Review and Product Rating Tracking tool that can take timely actions, providing more protection for your Amazon business.

Prevent Amazon Suppressed Listings With Product Monitoring Alerts

Sellers on Amazon, especially those who are new to the marketplace and sell a wide range of products on the platform, may frequently experience Amazon suppressed listings or Buy Box suppression. If this happens, you need to satisfy Amazon’s guidelines to prevent these suppressed listings. AMZMonitor is your automated tool that can detect your Amazon listings so you get immediate action for these occurrences.

Get Timely Alerts For Amazon Listing Changes

Selling on the world’s biggest eCommerce marketplace needs you to have accurate and well-informed product listings. Buyers prefer products with accurate product titles, brand names, images, and categories that match what they are looking for. At times, changes to your listings could happen, and this could hurt your Amazon success. AMZMonitor has an advanced Amazon product tracker feature that monitors your Amazon ASINs pages and sends you alerts with all product-related changes.


Tune Your Amazon Selling Strategy With The Best Seller Rank Tracker Of AMZMonitor

Keeping track of your Amazon Best Seller Rankings or BSR will help you craft a sales strategy so you know where you are on the Amazon marketplace. AMZMonitor has a BSR tracker that can enable you to monitor your performance on the platform in more than 20,000 categories. With this tracker, you will be well-informed about your sales rank standing, BSR progress, and Amazon marketplace dynamics. Amazing, right?

AMZMonitor Also Has A Keyword Rank Tracker

Getting a good perspective on where you stand on main keywords search rank on Amazon pages is crucial to adjust your ASIN pages and acquire more buyers for your Amazon product listings. AMZMonitor has a keyword rank tracker that lets you track daily changes in your Amazon products’ organic search performance.

Stay On Top Of The Competition With AMZMonitor’s Amazon Competitor Tracker

To keep your success on Amazon, it is important that you monitor your top competitors, learn from their triumphs, and capitalize on their weaknesses. Having set your product listings on Amazon, you will also need to closely monitor your competitor sellers so you can take immediate action. That is crucial to boost your Amazon sales. AMZMonitor has a competitor tracker, a tool that enables you to track the daily actions of your Amazon competitors. Now, where else can you find this wonder?

Alert Customization

Customize how you want to get the alerts. You can select product properties to monitor, set the monitoring interval such as whether an hour to every 24 hours, and send notifications to multiple emails. You can also choose to get individual alerts per ASIN, and brand-based and consolidated alerts for ASINs.

Easy To Add Monitoring And Intuitive Reports

AMZMonitor is capable of keeping a 24/7 eye on your Amazon products and competitors. Via this tool, Amazon sellers will be able to get intensely prompt and responsive to threats toward their product listings.


How Much Is AMZMonitor?

What is great about AMZMonitor’s pricing plans is that it offers a wide range of choices. First, it offers a free trial so you can determine if this tool is right for your needs. If you want to purchase AMZMonitor, they have the following options:

  • Let’s Meet - $7.20 per month
  • Bronze - $12 per month
  • Silver - $21 per month
  • Gold - $36 per month
  • Platinum - $66 per month
  • Diamond - $120 per month

But wait, there’s more. If you want to get your two months for free, you can avail of the yearly pricing plans. The Let’s Meet is at $120 per year, Bronze is at $200 per year, and Silver is at $350 per year. The Gold is at $600 per year, Platinum is at $1,100 per year, and Diamond is at $2,000 per year. Everything from Bronze to Diamond comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you wish to see the features in each pricing tier, head over to this link. AMZMonitor is also available as a Chrome extension, so you remain on top of your Amazon success.

Some Quora Questions About The Topic

1. Who Can We Sell Products To On Amazon?

You can sell to anybody who is logged in on Amazon. Amazon is such as big online marketplace that several businesses are selling their products on this platform. According to data published on dropshipping app Oberlo, Amazon was used by 98 million users every month in 2021. And this number is continuously growing today.

2. Can You Sell On Amazon Without Using Any Paid Marketing Strategies?

Yes, absolutely. You can sell on Amazon even without using any paid marketing strategies. Creating an individual seller account on Amazon will cost you nothing. All you need is to provide Amazon with some information and you are good to go. Follow these steps to sell on Amazon for free. First, find a free product to sell. Then, create a free Amazon account. Afterward, list your product on Amazon for free. Finally, ship the product when it sells. That simple.

3. What Are The Benefits Of Having An Amazon Affiliate Website To Sell Products Online Instead Of Just Operating Through Amazon's Platform Alone?

The advantages are plenty. The Amazon Associates Program provides several benefits for website owners, including the opportunity to generate revenue via their own site, a wide range of relevant products to promote from Amazon’s huge selection, easy-to-use tools to create and customize the product links that work best, detailed reports so you better understand your visitors’ preferences and link performance, an association with the official Amazon website, and the chance to interact with a broad community of other website owners.

4. How Many Items Can One Sell On eBay And Amazon At Once?

For new sellers on eBay, the limit starts at 10 items per month, with a total value of $500. On Amazon, there are no selling limits. However, if you plan to sell more than 40 individual items per month, you will need to sign up for a professional account. Amazon will charge a subscription fee of $39.99 per month, including some transaction fees on each sale.

5. What Are Some Tips For Making A Passive Income From Selling Books Online (eBay, Amazon, Etc.) In A Certain Niche?

Here are some tips for making a passive income from selling books online, and these tips do not only apply to books but also to other products. First, identify your inventory. Second, set up your storefront. Third, opt into the Fulfilment by Amazon or FBA program. Finally, monitor and optimize your Amazon store.

Get AMZMonitor Today

Selling on Amazon offers a lot of benefits, but as you sell on this in-demand eCommerce platform, you should also get a clear perspective of what your competitors are doing, so you can stay ahead of the competition and sell your products successfully. Monitoring competitor catalogs and ASINs helps sellers like you decide what to sell next, build stronger product bundles, and enhance your handle on the market landscape as a whole. In addition, two of the relevant sales data that should be monitored are seasonality and sales trends. AMZMonitor is a tool that will help you achieve these. You have learned about its features – Amazon Hijacker Alerts, Amazon Product Reviews and Ratings Alerts, Amazon Product Listing Change Alerts, Keyword Rank Tracker Alert, Chrome Extension, Easy To Add Monitoring, and so much more. AMZMonitor is every Amazon seller’s partner. With this, you can track Amazon sellers, product listings, and keyword rankings. Get this software today.