Clickmajic: The Best Background Remover App For Your Images

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Added on Nov 04, 2022
Clickmajic: The Best Background Remover App For Your Images

Images are important elements in creating good content that can generate a lot of readership. Why should you include images in your content? Well, visuals like images do not just stand out at first glance or site. They are also easier to remember. Adding visuals to well-researched and useful content will much more likely resonate with its audience over time. According to an article on the news aggregator and blog HuffPost, visuals can improve learning by, get this, up to 400 percent, and be processed 60,000 times faster than text alone. Now that’s huge. So, after knowing those things, you want to make sure the images that you include in your content are perfect, crisp, and do not have any errors. However, sometimes, the background of the image you want to use does not seem right for you, so you would want to remove it. At this point, you might think about hiring a graphic designer who can remove the image background. But hiring a graphic designer just to remove the image background? Isn’t that costly? You actually do not have to make unnecessary spending just to cleanly remove the background of the image you want in your content with the right tool. You can actually do it yourself, and professionally. Introducing Clickmajic. Let us learn more about this program here.


Clickmajic In A Nutshell

What is Clickmajic all about? Well, Clickmajic uses the latest and the best artificial intelligence technology to make removing and changing backgrounds in images a breeze, making it the best background remover app among the rest. Clickmajic lets you slash editing time by simply uploading your image to the platform, as Clickmajic’s artificial intelligence prowess removes your image backgrounds in just a matter of a few seconds. Whether your images got white backgrounds, transparent backgrounds, or color backgrounds, Clickmajic can do the heavy lifting for you. No more zooming in on Photoshop just to perfect the removal of the image background. Or, you can also choose to upload your very own custom background. The choice is yours. Clickmajic is also all over the media. It has been featured on CBS News, ABC, Fox News, and NBC News.

What Are The Things Clickmajic Can Do?

“Clickmajic utilizes the very latest in visual artificial intelligence technology to provide the world’s best background image removal solution, which facilitates major time and cost-saving solutions for individuals and businesses across the globe,” it said on their official website about their software. It may mainly be an image background remover app, but it is very interesting to note that it actually can do a lot of things related to its purpose.

Clickmajic Saves Your Time And Money

This image background remover app can remove the image background right from the way it originally looks. There is no need to conduct tedious green screen photo shoots, waste time selecting pixels that are fiddly, and waste money on graphic designers using Photoshop who only need to remove the image background.

It Is 100 Percent Automatic And Fast

Editing images to remove their backgrounds usually takes a lot of time, especially if you are not well-versed in graphic design. With this tool, you can literally slash editing time by simply uploading your image on Clickmajic, and letting its artificial intelligence innovation remove the image backgrounds in literally just a few seconds.

It Lets You Sell Your Products With White Backgrounds Better

You cannot always perfect the photo shoot to all the time ensure that the photos of your products have white backgrounds. But, selling products on white backgrounds is strongly recommended. Clickmajic is your middle ground. eCommerce business owners prefer to sell products with a white background for both aesthetic and practical reasons since when products are on white backgrounds, the background puts more focus on the product and it is much easier on the eye.

It Allows You To Get As Creative As You Can By Uploading Your Own Image Background

If you do not like the current background of your image, this tool can spoil you on your preference. Whether you need or want to upload a white background, transparent background, color background, or upload your very own custom background, Clickmajic allows you to do so, and in a very straightforward manner.

How Does Clickmajic Work? A Step-By-Step Guide

Clickmajic is not only for individuals who need to either remove or replace the backgrounds of their images but also for businesses that need better quality content anchored on visuals. Clickmajic’s use cases include using it for professional photography, advertising, news and media, eCommerce, car dealerships, and so much more. You name it. Using Clickmajic also does not require you to learn any technical stuff. It is quite easy to use this tool. Take a look at these steps on how you can go around using Clickmajic.

  • First Step: Sign up for your free Clickmajic account.
  • Second Step: Then, log in and receive one free credit.
  • Third Step: Simply upload or paste your image in the space provided by Clickmajic.
  • Fourth Step: Download a free preview or HD image for one credit.
  • Fifth Step: If you need more credits, purchase them as you need these credits, or subscribe and save. That simple.

How Much Is Clickmajic?

From what you have heard, you can start using Clickmajic for free with a free credit that you will be provided with as you log in to your account. But this free credit ends, and if you need to continue using the tool, you will need to purchase more credits. But we tell you, they are not too expensive. Clickmajic offers a Lifetime Deal where you will only have to pay one time. Thirty credits per month are $59, 60 credits per month are $118, and 90 credits per month are $177. If you want 120 credits monthly, the price is $236, and should you need 150 credits per month, the price to pay is $295. Clickmajic also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee to ensure you are always satisfied with everything that it has.

Quora is a fantastic place to be on the Internet when you want to get answers to life’s most baffling questions. So we have consulted the world-renowned question-and-answer platform regarding the most popular queries on everything images. Read on.

1. How Do You Remove A Checkered Background From A PNG file In Photoshop?

Basically speaking, the checkered background from a PNG file in Photoshop means that the image is already transparent (no background), and when you place it on top of a new background you want, it will appear clean. However, maybe for other purposes, you might want to really remove the checkered background from a PNG file in Photoshop. Here is how to do it. Checkered backgrounds in Photoshop can be removed by heading over to the “Layer” menu, selecting “New Layer,” and finally clicking on the “Background Eraser” tool. However, this tool can also remove parts of your image that you may not want to erase. So, it is best that you ask a professional designer to do it for you or use background remover tools like Clickmajic.

2. How Do I Remove A White Background From A JPEG?

There are several ways available around when you want to remove a white background from a JPEG. You can either use Adobe Photoshop (the more popular option), remove the background of a picture in Office, or use a background remover app. If you want to use Photoshop to remove a white background from a JPEG, there are steps that you should remember and do. Here they are:

  • If you want to remove all white, regardless of whether it is in an image, go to Select > Color Range. You can adjust the slider to increase or decrease the sensitivity to adjacent pixels.
  • If you just want to grab a white background and leave the rest of the image intact, you can use the Wand tool. You can select the sensitivity according to how you need it.
  • If you need to select the white within a certain area, simply draw a marquee around the whole area to isolate the selection and then use either of the two methods above.
  • Depending on how proficient you are with Photoshop tools, you can also use the pen tool or the lasso tool, but this usually takes a lot more work and technical know-how.
  • With any selection, you may have to use Refine Edge to clean up a little or use hand tools like what have been discussed above.
  • It is also recommended that you add a small feather to the selection so the edges won’t appear too sharp or pixelated.

You can also use Office to remove the background of a picture. First, select the picture that you want to remove the background from. Under Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Adjust group, choose Remove Background. Or, you can use background remover apps like Clickmajic, which literally works like magic. No technical know-how is required. You will see.

How Do You Auto Erase Background Of Photos?

There are tools that can help you out if you really want to auto-erase the background of photos. Without these tools, it can be very tedious to do so. You can also use Photoshop but it will require expertise, years of practice, and of course, it will take time. Perhaps the best way to “auto-erase” the background of photos, which from our understanding, means doing it quickly, is to use the tool Clickmajic.

What Is The Best Tool To Remove The Background Of A Product Photo?

Some of the best tools to remove the background of a product photo are: iOS 16 background removal, Adobe Express, Photoshop, removebg, Retoucher, Slazzer,, Microsoft Office, and Clickmajic.

Wrapping Up

It is time to wrap up! A piece of content that has images always does better than a content without images. The latter is a bit bland and boring. But, it is also true that not all images are created equal. So, sometimes, you will need to take the extra mile to improve how the image looks, such as removing its background. Who else can do this right but you, since you know the direction where to take your content? We are not saying that graphic designers cannot do this, they sure can, but are you certain you want to spend for a graphic designer just to remove an image background? Thankfully, there are tools like Clickmajic that can help you out. Clickmajic uses advanced artificial intelligence to remove backgrounds from pictures with just a single click. No more technicalities, no more scratching heads, and no more Photoshop. Unlike Photoshop, it is incredibly fast and easy to use. We strongly recommend that you try this now.