Deliverr: A Fulfillment Center That Accelerates Your eCommerce Sales

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Added on Oct 09, 2022
Deliverr: A Fulfillment Center That Accelerates Your eCommerce Sales

Among the most vital decisions you will ever going to make as an eCommerce merchant is looking for your shipping partner. After all, you will constantly rely on them to safely and swiftly deliver your products to customers no matter where they are.

With this seemingly being a difficult decision, choosing a fulfillment service or fulfillment center often feels like a challenging process, especially if you are juggling speed and efficiency with possible expenses.

So to help you make up your mind, we are going to review one of the providers of this particular service, Deliverr.

Referred by some as a platform that offers “Amazon Prime-like” fast service, Deliverr has only been around for a few years, but despite this, it is already making waves in the industry.

Deliverr does magic when bringing the ordered products from warehouses to the doorsteps of your customers. Before we head over to what Deliverr is all about, let us take a look at what a fulfillment center is.

Before Reviewing Deliverr, Let Us Find Out What A Fulfillment Center Is All About

The terms “fulfillment center,” which is sometimes pertained to as a distribution center, and “warehouse” are often used interchangeably when discussing supply chain management and logistics. But, depending on the circumstances, note that each of these terms can mean different.

At the most basic level, both a fulfillment center and a warehouse are large buildings that can hold inventory for all kinds of businesses that sell physical products, whether via an online store like Shopify, or a brick-and-mortar retailer. Despite their similarities, the services they provide and how they are utilized can be quite contrasting.

Fulfillment centers are locations where a seller or a company that the seller hires to outsource their fulfillment, a third-party logistics provider, fulfills the orders of customers placed through an eCommerce store, also referred to as direct-to-consumer, and/or business-to-retail fulfillment wherein the seller fulfill wholesale orders to big box retailers. A fulfillment center is often larger in scale and size than a typical warehouse that an individual company may own or rent.

The main function of fulfillment centers is to manage the seller’s inventory, store the inventory, ship the orders directly to customers and/or retailers, and provide assistance to sellers in managing the entire crucial, yet often challenging fulfillment operation.


Overview Of Deliverr

Based in San Francisco, Deliverr is a dynamic shipping and fulfillment startup that delivers products for its clients, eCommerce brands most of the time, in a super fast manner. We mean it when we say “super fast,” because it really is.

With massive online marketplaces like Amazon raising customer expectations where fast delivery at “no extra cost” is often the concern, the mission of Deliverr is pretty simple: to “enable any seller, regardless of size, to delight their customers with fast and cost-efficient fulfillment.”

Furthermore, Deliverr rivals Amazon Prime by offering fast shipping, one to two days usually, to online sellers. When an eCommerce store owner utilizes Deliverr, they are automatically eligible for Prime-like programs, including Walmart’s two-day free shipping and eBay’s guaranteed name-the-date date delivery. With these programs by Deliverr, merchants enjoy greater online visibility and, of course, more sales.

Pros Of Deliverr

What are the good things about Deliverr?

  • Provides an affordable and simple pricing structure
  • Deliverr’s strategically positioned warehouses across the United States ensure that 95 percent of customers are eligible for two-day shipping
  • Uses an algorithmic approach that helps merchants better and intelligently allocate their inventory across the platform’s network of fulfillment warehouses
  • Has fast-shipping tags that boost your products in search engine results
  • Integrates with all the major online marketplaces, including Shopify
  • Offers fast and reliable fulfillment

Cons Of Deliverr

We want to get as objective as possible here, so here are the cons about this platform.

  • Deliverr does not seem to offer several branding options
  • Does not provide you much control over the fulfillment process
  • There is no international fulfillment
  • Customer support is poor according to customers; takes between one to three days to respond
  • There is no option for users to create employee accounts, making delegation a little bit difficult
  • Does not handle or process returns

Solutions That Deliverr Provides

Deliverr is not only your efficient fulfillment center, but it also offers freight, reserve storage, and prep as its solutions.


Accelerate your sales and make two-day delivery a competitive advantage no matter where you sell.

Deliverr offers ultra-fast, you read that right, ultra-fast fulfillment for fast-growing eCommerce merchants. This platform lets you easily fulfill your marketplace and shopping cart orders. Using this tool, you can delight your customers with not only fast and reliable order fulfillment but also predictable and affordable fulfillment of orders.

Moreover, you also get badges that increase your sales, such as Free Two-Day Delivery, Free Two-Day, and Two-Day Delivery, among many others.

As a bonus, Deliverr also offers next-day delivery on Google, Shopify, and Facebook ads. How does this work? Well, eligible customers will automatically see a “Free NextDay Delivery” badge when applicable. This will be at no extra cost to you as a merchant.


Deliverr also offers freight services designed for the modern merchant like you. First, they handle the drayage and transloading. Reduce costs, avoid delays, and stay on top of everything. Deliverr can handle everything from when your container comes off the ship to the final destination. They also handle container returns and routing.

Second, users of Deliverr get flat pricing and any-quantity pallet pickups within 50 miles of Newark in New Jersey, and Los Angeles. Your less-than-truckload shipment reaches any of Deliverr’s major metros – including Dallas Forth Worth, Atlanta, Chicago, and so much more – with guaranteed delivery times.

Lastly, for its freight solutions, Deliverr offers truckload services. They will arrange your full- or less-than-truckload shipments between any two points, with the same, convenient and easy-to-understand pricing and integrations you will definitely appreciate. Move those products from anywhere to anywhere.

Reserve Storage

The third solution that Deliverr offers is reserve storage. Get unified storage for the modern supply chain. With Deliverr, users can rapidly adjust to the market with their flexible storage options across their vast nationwide network. You can then strategically shift your inventory to where there is high demand, rather than moving it when it hits port.

Then, you can inbound on either coast, outbound to any channel across the country, or conveniently store in between. No matter what fulfillment channel you are using, Deliverr’s reserve storage has got you covered.

With this solution, you get simplicity in “one roof,” so you can spend your precious time on your business, rather than on manual preps or wangling vendors. Plus, you can quit paying extra for moving inventory elsewhere for prep, so you can begin taking advantage of Deliverr’s integrated services.


Then, their prep solution where you acquire hassle-free and expert prep services to help you sell. Be able to sell across more channels, and expand your business with inventory that is always ready for any channel. This platform takes care of keeping up with compliance regulations, prepping for multi-channel sales, and simplifying your operations.

Veer away from costly inventory issues. With this solution, you can prep your way out of constrained inventory or lost cycles because of rejections, breakage, or any other incident. Deliverr has the expertise to make sure your inventory is transformed into what you exactly need. With these, you can focus on what truly matters.

Deliverr Integrations

Found out that you will love Deliverr from the details we provided above? Wait ‘til you see the integrations of Deliverr with other eCommerce platforms.


When you have Deliverr, you get integrations such as their Etsy Direct Integration, where they automatically import and fulfill your Etsy orders. Plus, you can gain access to the over 46 million active users spending billions of dollars every year.

Facebook Shops

Is your business on Facebook? Never miss out on this integration with Deliverr. It has been said that 85 percent of all eCommerce marketplace orders happen on Facebook Shops.


Shopify is one of the biggest and most popular eCommerce platforms around. Fulfill Shopify orders with this integration.


Walmart, on the other hand, is the third largest online retailer in the United States, boasting over 130 million unique monthly visitors. This direct integration of Deliverr with Walmart, believe it or not, is free of charge.

Google Shopping

With Google Shopping, the world’s most popular search engine is transformed into an unparalleled online shopping experience. If you are not taking advantage of this integration, you are at a loss.


eBay is also a huge eCommerce marketplace, with 138 million active buyers, 19 million sellers, and billions in revenue each year.


And who would forget about Amazon? Integrate Deliverr with Amazon right now to ensure you do not go out of stock or miss out on orders.

Aside from those, Deliverr is also integrated with the following platforms: Loop, Returnly, ReturnGO, WooCommerce, Wish, Sellbrite, BigCommerce, SellerActive, GeekSeller, Acenda, ChannelAdvisor, Linnworks, Listing Mirror, Pipe17, SellerChamp, SellerCloud, Skubana, and Zentail.

Deliverr Pricing

How much should you budget to get Deliverr and all its impressive features? Here are the pricing details.

Deliverr’s pricing is according to what you need, instead of the usual tier-based pricing plans. For fulfillment, it starts at $4.15 per unit. This already includes receiving, shipping, order handling, pick pack, and package costs. For storage, it starts at $0.75 per cubic foot per month.

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1. What Is The Cheapest Fulfillment Center In The US?

Are you looking for the cheapest fulfillment center in the United States? You might want to consider OTW Shipping if you are looking for an affordable fulfillment center in the United States. For instance, for startups, there are no minimums, and you only pay when you ship.

However, for Amazon-only fulfillment, you can choose Amazon.

2. Is It Easy To Be Successful Selling On Shopify?

Shopify is touted as one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world. But, is it easy to be successful selling on Shopify? If ease is going to be the basis, yes, it is easy to be successful when you sell on Shopify, especially since the interface is very navigable. But it will be difficult for you if you do not know the ins and outs.

Here are the steps to sell successfully on Shopify: First, take advantage of the free trial. Second, choose your sales channels. Third, set up payments. Fourth, create some collection pages. Fifth, add some items to sell. Sixth, set up your Shopify online store. Lastly, place a test order and go live. Even beginners will find it easy to sell using the Shopify platform.

3. What Is The Best Inventory Management App For eBay And Amazon And Other Major Online Marketplaces?

Inventory management is very important. No matter what the size of your company is, having a good inventory management system will lead to success. It can help you keep track of all your supplies and determine the exact prices. Inventory management can also help in managing sudden changes in demand without compromising product quality and customer experience.

Technology has made it possible for individuals to ensure inventory management is done right. You can use apps for your inventory management.

For eBay, you can try Ecomdash. For Amazon, you can try Brightpearl. But there are also other inventory management apps you can try such as Sortly, inFlow Inventory, and Inventory Now.

4. How Do I Become A Seller On eBay?

eBay is also a great platform to sell your products to customers and earn profits. We advise you to follow these steps to become a seller on eBay. How to sell on eBay is pretty easy.

First is choosing and sourcing products to sell. Second, you need to choose an eBay account. Then, you need to create and verify a business account. Afterward, you will need to personalize your account and adhere to eBay’s policies.

Then, you will start setting up your eBay shop. After those, you will have to list your products. Finally, you can receive payments from your customers. Now, you are a full-fledged seller on eBay.

Is Deliverr The Right Platform For You?: The Verdict

If you are a beginner in the world of eCommerce, some of the doubts and questions you might have in mind are, “How to sell on Shopify?” or “How to sell on Shopify without inventory?” or “How to sell on eBay?” Nowadays, you really do not have to exert unnecessary effort to reach your eCommerce goals. There are tools that can help you out, such as Deliverr. But is Deliverr a good platform for your needs?

We looked at its solutions and the eCommerce platforms it is integrated with, and found that Deliverr does a lot of things especially when you need an efficient fulfillment center for your eCommerce business. While it is not for free, but when you invest in this platform, you will get a hassle-free experience. Deliverr is a fast and affordable fulfillment center that can accelerate your eCommerce sales. Try this today.