Dive Review: Host The Perfect Virtual Meeting For Your Business

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Added on Oct 20, 2022
Dive Review: Host The Perfect Virtual Meeting For Your Business

Dive is an online productivity tool designed to host the perfect virtual meeting without the technical glitches for your business. Here is our review of this software.

Conducting meetings is necessary to keep every business in check of all its aspects. Business meetings are crucial parts of an organization’s workflow. It helps teams keep a tab on their processes and activities, so it always reaches its goals and objectives.

Meetings are there to let each team member stay updated and present their ideas. These gatherings are also a way to solve problems, making collective decisions when necessary, and promote team building.

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced several businesses into virtual meetings, and teams that have not yet ever experienced being in a virtual meeting room into this setup. And with the current situation worldwide, it seems that virtual meetings are here to stay. There is a tool to help you keep the efficiency of all these kinds of meetings.


Dive Overview

Dive refers to your meeting management platform, and it describes itself as a tool that helps you stop hating meetings, seriously. With this tool, you can easily host productive meetings, build a collaborative set of objectives before the meeting, run this efficiently during the meeting, and make it actionable afterward.

This software comes with amazing features, such as video conferencing, automated meeting recaps, timed agendas, interactive GIFs and sounds, a built-in suite of games to prevent boredom, and so much more. You will learn about these as you read further. They are all packed in just one app, helping you host meetings worth the time of everybody in your team.

Features Of Dive

1. Keep Track Of Your Progress

Dive is with you every step of the way, from the moments before the meeting to the post-mortem. It allows you to follow up easily on action items with meeting recaps and notes sent automatically to each team member via email and Slack. No need to stretch things out. Now, with Dive, every meeting is well-documented and action-oriented.

2. Keep Everybody’s Focus And Energy At Their Peaks

Boring and monotonous meetings are out of Dive’s equation. Using this tool, you can stay on time with section timers, increase engagement with sound reactions features, and boost collaboration with, get this, over 50 apps like Whiteboard and Polls. Now that is collaboration taken to a whole new level. If you are not convinced yet, we got more features to reveal.

3. After The Meeting, Be Fully Ready For The Next Steps

Dive features meeting recaps and action items sent out after the meeting automatically to every attendee. No need to manually work on these things. This way, you can keep your team accountable every step of the way.

4. Integrations At Their Finest

Dive is integrated seamlessly with Zoom, Slack, and many other related platforms for a smooth transition to better and more productive meetings. After all, what the big bosses want is utmost productivity. With these integrations, you can seamlessly adopt next-level meeting management practices. You will learn more about these integrations in just a bit.

Dive Use Cases

Dive also provides an extensive library of pre-built templates, complete with step-by-step guides and pro tips for the most productive meetings. Here are the use cases of Dive.

1. One-On-One Meetings

Drive only authentic and transparent relationships between managers and direct reports. No need to start from scratch (while it is sometimes good to start from scratch, it works on your creativity, but sometimes, you just want to head straight to your goals). Begin with templates for one-one-one meetings, skip level meetings, and end of year review.

2. Team Meetings

Dive is also useful for team meetings. Align everyone in your team, remove the roadblocks, and encourage collaboration during meetings. This software provides templates such as Daily standups, Quarterly reviews, and Retrospectives.

3. Town Halls

And the best and the biggest are yet to come. Use Dive for town hall gatherings. Build company culture and open-team communication for your company-wide meetings. It provides a very useful town hall meeting template.

4. Track Action Items

Plus, another use case of Dive is for tracking action items. This platform can empower your team to stay focused, stay grounded, and move its projects forward. Assign, track, and check-off action items in real-time, you read that right, in real-time during your meetings, so you will never miss out on anything. Dive is with you every step of the way toward your goals.

Other Platforms Dive Is Integrated With

1. Google Meet

The first platform Dive is strongly integrated with is Google Meet. It is a free communication solution that lets users stay in touch with their clients and teams globally. This application also works in sync with other Google applications. Thus, it allows you not only to present and collaborate during meetings, but also live stream meetings to hundreds of thousands of viewers at one time.

2. Zoom

If you are a fan of Zoom, remember that Dive does not get it out of the picture. Zoom is one of Dive’s various integrations.

Zoom Meetings are easy, reliable, and secure, providing high-definition video, audio, and content sharing, whether they are through mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and even conference room systems. Zoom’s features include cloud and local recording with transcripts, and multi-user annotation capabilities through screen share. With one click, you can start meeting and chatting across various platforms, and share files in the most secure way possible.

3. Slack

Dive is also integrated with one of the world’s favorites, Slack. Slack is where unified communication transpires. Whether it is about launching a new project, presenting a new employee to the team, deploying instructions, reviewing contracts, finalizing the company’s budget, name it, Slack is the go-to place to huddle everybody in the team together.

4. Google Calendar

Time is of the essence when it comes to meetings. This is why Dive integrates well with Google Calendar, a scheduling solution brought to you by one of the world’s tech giants. Google Calendar helps users create shareable calendars and schedule meetings involving the team. Users can add or find virtual meeting room details for scheduled meetings through this calendar. It also supports scheduling one-time activities, and recurring events such as staff meetings. With Google Calendar, you can create events, add guests, designate a meeting location, add meeting details, add attachments, and so much more.

Dive Pricing

First off, we are going to tell that you can already start using Dive for free, without paying for anything, and enjoy some of the features it offers. However, if you want more features like unlimited meetings and agendas, and enhanced security, you will need to purchase the subscription packages. Here are the details.

You can either choose whether to pay annually or monthly. For the annual plans, there is the Pro pricing option at $7 per month per user, and the Enterprise pricing option. The Enterprise option depends on your specific needs, so you will need to coordinate with Dive to know about this more.

For the monthly plans, the Pro is at $8 per month per user, and the Enterprise pricing option is also for further discussion with Dive.

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How Do You Create A Zoom Meeting ID?

Follow these steps to create a Zoom meeting ID. First, sign in to the Zoom Desktop Client. Second, schedule a meeting. Then, click the Meetings tab. Now, select the meeting where you want to invite others to and click Copy Invitation. To add meetings to your calendar, tap Edit. Scroll down to the Calendar section and then choose the calendar you want added. Click Save.

To create a Zoom meeting link, first, click the Meetings tab. Then, select the meeting where you want to invite attendees to and click Copy Invitation. After doing so, the meeting invitation will be copied and you can paste that information into an email or anywhere else you prefer to send it out.

What Is A Webinar? Do I Have To Be Part Of A Company To Join One?

A webinar is an event conducted virtually and attended exclusively by an online audience.

While a “webinar” seems to be a wordplay for the words “seminar” and “web,” and seminars are usually professional events within a team, you actually do not have to be part of a company to join and experience a webinar.

Nowadays, there are several webinars about various topics where you can attend to for free. Otherwise, there are also webinars hosted by certain individual that require a signup fee of some sort.

What Is A Webinar?

A webinar is defined as an online event hosted by an individuals, organization or company that is broadcast to a select group of people through their computers or devices via the Internet.

There are several types of webinars, and they include: eLearning, employee training, product demonstration, customer onboarding, corporate communications, lead generation, customer retention and nurturing, branding or reputation management, association membership content, and panelist discussion webinars, among many others more.

What Is A Virtual Meeting?

On the other hand, virtual meetings pertain to real-time interactions that happen over the World Wide Web using integrated audio and video, chat tools, and application sharing. Businesses, teams, organizations, and even churches conduct these meetings that happen virtually, instead of in-person.

The Verdict

Meetings are a lifeblood of a business. Teams need to conduct meetings every now and then to make sure everything is on the right track. And Dive is here to host the perfect virtual meeting room for you.

Setting your agenda, hosting the meeting via a great platform, setting up your background and lighting, assigning roles, keeping meetings short and not tiring, summarizing the meeting, and asking for feedback are only among the virtual meetings best practices. Dive is here to make all of these things possible.

It is time that you try using this platform. Your best meetings await.