Find The Right Long Tail Keywords With Long Tail Pro: How To Do Keyword Research In Only 5 Minutes

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Added on Oct 15, 2022
Find The Right Long Tail Keywords With Long Tail Pro: How To Do Keyword Research In Only 5 Minutes

Search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO, can make or break any business. It can break it and hinder your success if your SEO strategies are not right. They are all-important for any kind of business.

SEO provides wondrous benefits for businesses, especially if done right. SEO can boost your credibility. It is also very affordable, can support your content marketing strategies, can maximize your pay-per-click or PPC campaigns, and can give you a competitive advantage. SEO is also present to help you reach out to more people, rank better in local searches, enhance your website’s usability, let you get quantifiable results, and improve your user engagement rates.

Before Heading Over To Discuss Long Tail Pro, Let Us Find Out, What Are Long Tail Keywords?

There are a lot of sub-strategies involved in SEO. One of these is finding long tail keywords. What are long tail keywords? Long tail keywords refer to keywords or keyphrases that are more specific, and usually longer than the more commonly used keywords. Though these keywords get less search traffic, they usually provide you with a higher conversion value since they are more specific.

Long tail keywords are ever important because they allow you to gradually get more traffic to your website, and be found by new and motivated audiences.

But here’s the catch.

Keyword research, including researching for long tail keywords – the experts can attest to this – takes so much time if you do not have the right tools. If you are looking to save a lot of time working on your business’ SEO and use this time for other important things you need to manage in your business, you should arm yourself with tools like Long Tail Pro.

How to do keyword research in only 5 minutes? Use Long Tail Pro.

What Is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is an SEO and a keyword tracking platform that lets businesses identify keyword competitiveness, track keyword ranking, and conduct a competitive analysis of Google Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs.

Using Long Tail Pro, you can identify more than 400 keywords from one keyword that you type on Long Tail Pro, and filter keywords based on average cost-per-click or CPC bid, rank value, and search volume. For Google SERPs, users of Long Tail Pro can also be able to view in-depth metrics like domain keyword competitiveness, site age, domain citation flow and trust flow, and indexed links or URLs.

According to its official website, Long Tail Pro offers products that include Keyword Research, SERP Analysis, Rank Tracker, Backlink Analysis, and Site Audit.

To help you make better decisions, let us take a look at the pros and cons of Long Tail Pro.

Pros Of Long Tail Pro

  • Long Tail Pro helps you identify keywords to target using proprietary Keyword Competitive score
  • You can simultaneously search multiple seed keywords
  • It provides excellent SEO training videos ideal for beginners

Cons OF Long Tail Pro

  • There are daily keyword search limitations that can throttle your research
  • No search volume trend data

The Outstanding Features Of Long Tail Pro

Here are the features that users love about Long Tail Pro.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the leading feature of Long Tail Pro. This tool helps its users obtain and fetch long tail keywords, which will then enable your website to rank higher on search engines.

Without this tool, you will be spending more time and effort since you are looking for the keywords manually. With Long Tail Pro, you can easily research keywords and metrics such as difficulty, volume, CPC, SERP, and so much more.

Additionally, you can filter out your search based on various factors. Long Tail Pro also provides advanced search features helpful in presenting the results based on your choice of competition, CPC, volume, and so much more.

2. SERP Analysis

The second feature well-loved by the users of Long Tail Pro is SERP Analysis. Keyword research based on SERP analysis is helpful when you want to find out the strengths of your competitors. For the keyword, you can use Long Tail Pro, which will help you locate your competitors in the SERPs along with their metrics and competition.

With this particular feature, you can check for the volume with respect to the average keyword competitor, the strongest competitor, and the type of SERP available.

This feature is known to come in handy when you wish to find the keywords you want to target. You can save so much time that you can still use filtering raw data as manual interaction tends to be time-consuming and tedious.

3. Rank Tracker

Meanwhile, the Rank Tracker feature of Long Tail Pro helps in keeping track of keyword growth. This feature categorizes keywords in the small bucket of rank groups. This is also helpful in examining from which among these buckets your main traffic comes from.

Furthermore, you can likewise check the ranking on a daily basis on your chosen search engine and country. You can add any number of projects to your dashboard, and the report will be generated. You can present this report to your clients.

Another available sub-tool with Long Tail Pro is Backlink Analysis. This is incredibly helpful in spying on your competitors’ backlink strategies. Using this feature, you can analyze the backlink profile and based on this, you can create off-page strategies for your website.

There you have it, the best features of Long Tail Pro. Now, let us proceed to the pricing.

Long Tail Pro
Long Tail Pro

How Much Does Long Tail Pro Cost?

Long Tail Pro offers three different plans, and you can pay annually to get four months free. That’s right, four months for free. In this pricing option, there is the Annual Starter at $297 per year (save $147 a year), the Annual Pro at $537 per year (save $268 a year), and the Annual Agency at $1,777 per year (save $588 a year).

Or, you can pay monthly if this is more convenient for you. There is the Monthly Starter at $37, the most popular one which is the Monthly Pro at $67, and the Monthly Agency at $147. To see the features you will get from each of these pricing tiers and more details about the pricing, visit their official website.

Answering The Most Searched Questions On Quora

Here are the most searched questions on Quora about the topic.

1. Which One Is The Best For Keyword Research Tools?

There are actually a lot of keyword research tools around today that will provide you with what you exactly need. So, narrowing it down to just one is rather difficult. Having said this, we are listing down below three of the best keyword research tools out there.

The first is Google Keyword Planner. Keyword Planner helps in keyword research for your Search campaigns. You can use this free tool to discover new keywords related to your businesses and see estimates of the searches they receive as well as the cost to target them. This tool also has the capability to provide another way to create Search campaigns centered around in-depth keyword research.

Then, you have SEMRush. This is a one-stop tool suite for improving your online visibility and discovering marketing insights. Its tools, features, and reports help marketers that work in the following services: SEO, PPC, social media marketing or SMM, keyword research, competitive research, public relations or PR, content marketing, marketing insights, and campaign management, among others.

Lastly, we introduce you to Long Tail Pro. Long Tail Pro is an SEO and a keyword tracking platform that allows businesses identify keyword competitive, track keyword ranking, and conduct a competitive analysis of SERPs.

Long Tail Pro is an SEO and keyword tracking platform that lets businesses identify keyword competitiveness, track keyword ranking, and conduct a competitive analysis of Google Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs.

2. What Is The Best Free Keyword Research Tool For SEO?

If you do not have the financial means yet to invest in paid SEO keyword research tools, you can find a lot of free keyword research tools around. Some of these tools are free features that the paid keyword research tools offer under their wing. They include: QuestionDB, Ahrefs Keyword Generator, SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool, Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest, Moz Keyword Explorer, Soovle, Keyword Tool Dominator, and Google Trends.

3. What Is The Best Long Tail Keyword SEO Tool?

If you are looking for the best long tail keyword research SEO tool, we recommend that you try and invest in Long Tail Pro. Long Tail Pro is an SEO and keyword tracking platform that offers features such as keyword research, SERP analysis, rank tracker, and backlink analysis. This is the ultimate tool you need to find the right long tail keywords for your websites.

4. What's The Process For A Long-Tail Keyword Research?

Long tail keywords are known to help your business rank higher in search engines. But you need to first find these long tail keywords. Follow these steps for your long tail keyword research.

The first step is consulting your personas, or your customers and prospects, and brainstorm relevant long tail keywords. These keywords are the words you will search as the next step outlines.

The second step is using the right tool. We recommend that you choose Long Tail Pro for this. This tool provides you with everything you need about how to do keyword research in only 5 minutes.

The third step is creating a ready-to-use spreadsheet of your target long tail keywords.

The last step is implementing these long tail keywords to your content.

5. How Do You Generate Long Tail Keywords?

If you search around, you will find several articles that detail step-by-step guides on how you can generate long tail keywords. However, these processes tend to be tedious and time-consuming. What we recommend right now is that you use a tool like Long Tail Pro to generate long tail keywords. Long Tail Pro is an effective keyword planning tool that will already provide you with long tail keywords that perform well on search engines, so your content can rank higher.

Is Long Tail Pro A Good Tool For Your Business?: Conclusion

Nowadays, SEO is a strategy that your business should adopt if it wants to get ahead of its competitors. Without SEO, any business will struggle. Without SEO, you will eventually start seeing lower rankings in search results for your pages. Over time, not implementing SEO strategies will lead to less organic traffic to your site and less visibility for your business online. Your rankings will keep declining until you use SEO strategies to increase them again.

But SEO is also a process. Many businesses spend so much money hiring service providers that offer SEO services because some business owners are not knowledgeable enough ABOUT SEO. But you actually do not have to waste money on SEO services that do not produce the results and the figures you want. With tools like Long Tail Pro, you can do it alone, and in the right way. So, you can save time and money. This keyword planner generates hundreds of long tail keywords and analyzes backlink opportunities, so your content is always optimized for search engines like Google.

You may have perhaps heard about Ahrefs, SEMRush, or Neil Patel, but nothing compares to the distinct capabilities of Long Tail Pro. With Long Tail Pro, you can find long tail keywords for your content and more without spending too much time on your research. Rank high on Google and other search engines beginning now.