For Every Business Professional: Automate Your Document Workflows Using Crove

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Added on Oct 22, 2022
For Every Business Professional: Automate Your Document Workflows Using Crove

Crove is a document generator that allows you to create the often repetitive business documents – such as contracts, purchase orders, invoices, and recipes, among many others – so you can streamline your workflows like you have never done before. Here is our review of this software. Paperwork and documents are always part of managing a business. You cannot get away from this since these are among the most basic components that will drive your business to success. Also, handling the paperwork is also a little bit stressful, if not really stressful. But, did you know you do not have to go through these stresses as there is a great tool that can help you? Introducing Crove, a software that saves you time since it can automate the process of working on repetitive business documents. Time to get into your business casual attire, this software is for both men and women. Read on to find out more about Crove.

All About Crove

Crove, otherwise known as, refers to your document generation tool that gives you the capability to automate complex business documents without having to write any code, ever. With this, you can create smart templates and connect them with other apps, so that you can automate your document workflows. This has the power to create your business proposals, send them for review, and get them signed electronically. You can also send forms to collect details and then, from these, generate contracts and automate monthly reports presented to clients. Crove helps in the documentation of contracts and agreements, zero errors, with automation in no time. You can also use this software to generate employee documents by simply filling out a form or integrating Crove. It also allows you to share links with buyers and sellers, such as generating property documents. Moreover, it lets you generate receipts and invoices by integrating them with your current system, plus more. You will learn further about these as you continue reading.


Crove Features

1. Automation Of Business Documents

Crove has the power to automate business papers, so you can shorten the procedures you go through and increase your efficiency by taking away time-consuming phases from your workflow. This software also handles Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF files in various formats. With Crove, you can automate your documentation workflow by creating smart templates. Generate documents by filling out forms and integrate the software with the apps you use.

Crove likewise allows you to create and save a wide range of templates either for your forms or integrations. Head over to their gallery of templates. Plus, source codes are also accessible on GitHub for Crove, which is an open-source project. The software enables its users to develop, maintain, and share templates with others. You may also collaborate with others along the way using Crove. Additionally, Crove can also auto-fill forms for each type of document based on their name or description in the templates. It supports custom fields that include input masks, dropdown lists, checkboxes, and so much more. Using this software, you can also alter its style, and integrate inline images and videos. Through these, you can easily modify your papers. And, it also allows users to import and export files from Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Easy-peasy.

3. Create Business Proposals And Get Them Signed

This particular feature of Crove is a fantastic way to create the documents you need, and share ideas with your partners or consumers. This feature was developed with the goal of assisting you in creating documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and forms in a quicker and easier way unlike before. By automating repetitive functions and giving users the ability to design their own templates, they can save more time and have more liberty. Plus, with the help of smart templates, you can create business proposals and easily integrate them with other apps so you can keep automating your workflows. And wait, there are more. Automatically send these documents you created with Crove to your mailbox after having them signed by your partners or customers. Everything happens digitally.

4. Generate And Share Forms

Crove is also a mobile-friendly software that lets you create and share forms with either your suppliers or customers for data collection. What is amazing is that you can use these data to generate documents, like contracts or agreements. Through this feature, you will never need to go back and forth with your customers or partners for details and signature. Crove’s mobile-friendly forms can be shared with anybody, even right from your smartphone.

5. Automate Your Monthly Reports

Crove is also where you can build a reporting template, and it to a database of records, then send these reports automatically. With this feature, it is easier to design, configure, and deliver your reports. You can create these reports in minutes, and you can even personalize these to meet the requirements of your stakeholders. No need to acquire technical knowledge to create data connectors that can connect with any system of records. This, by using its simple drag-and-drop feature.

6. Integrations

Last but certainly not least are Crove’s integrations. With this tool, you have the capability to choose from a wide range of integrations like Zapier, Webhooks, API, and so much more that can connect Crove with other apps, so it can build the most powerful document workflows.

Ready To Get Crove? How Much Does This Cost?

Are you creating contracts for your employees? Or perhaps you are working on a business proposal for K-Drama if your business lines with this. Whatever business document you are working on, Crove is here to make things simpler and easier. If you are ready to get Crove, you should learn about its pricing. You can either choose to pay monthly or yearly. For the monthly pricing plans, there is the Personal Plan which is around $99 per month. It already includes the platform for three users, unlimited templates, forms, and legally compliant digital signatures. There is also the Business Plan, which is the popular choice, at around $129 per month. Get everything from the Personal Plan, but it will be for five users, and you have Zapier integration, API and Webhooks, and support for 24 hours. For the yearly pricing plans, the Personal Plan is around $990 per year and the Business Plan is around $1,290 per year.

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The Final Verdict

Businesses go through a lot of challenges each day, and one of these challenges actually lies with the internals, such as handling your business documents. Paper documents, without the right tools, can slow down your business. Documents are difficult to locate, filing them is extremely time-consuming, and keeping them updated is difficult. You also cannot just suddenly shift from paperwork to digital, especially if your documents are still present and used for your business processes. But these are situations you will encounter without a tool helping you. So here is the solution: a software that will let you streamline your business document management, such as Crove. Now is the time to automate your document workflows. Using the software just learned about earlier, Crove, you can create smart templates and automate your workflows with your documents without having to write a line of code. Make the smart choice.