Produce Engaging Videos On YouTube Using These Video Content Creator Tools

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Added on Oct 09, 2022
Produce Engaging Videos On YouTube Using These Video Content Creator Tools

If you are running a business and want to be successful in every aspect, you might want to consider investing in video marketing. Video marketing is one of those strategies that more and more entrepreneurs are investing in. It offers your customers and clients a unique perspective as they study the products or services that you offer.

Video marketing offers several advantages for your business. Aside from you being able to produce engaging videos, you will also be able to optimize your business so it appears on top of search engine results, keep users on pages for longer, create content that are captivating, create clips that convert more, and improve the shareability of your content. These are also the reasons why video marketing is so powerful.

Let us not go too far. Where else can you share your video content but on YouTube? With over two billion users as of writing, YouTube offers you a platform that reaches out to so many people when you choose to share your videos through this website. YouTube is also the second most popular social media platform in 2022, just trailing behind Facebook.

Sure, you can create any video you would like to share with viewers on YouTube, but are you certain that the videos you are creating are watched by many? In order to make sure the videos you create and share are videos that are engaging and convert, you need the right tools. In this review, we will introduce you to YouTube tags finder KeywordSearch, and YouTube competitor research and ad research tool Tube Atlas. Read on.

Overview Of The Two Software


KeywordSearch: The AI That Discovers The Best Keywords For Your YouTube Ads And More

KeywordSearch is a tool that will let you discover the best YouTube keywords, grow your YouTube channel, and empower YouTube ads with laser-targeted keywords. Powered by machine learning, this YouTube keyword tool also helps you discover the most impactful YouTube keywords using artificial intelligence or AI algorithm developed by top YouTube marketing experts worldwide.


Create YouTube Videos That Convert With Tube Atlas

On the other hand, Tube Atlas is a marketing tool that helps you uncover top searches, trending hashtags, YouTube shorts, channels, videos, and top trends from the world’s popular video-sharing platform with the help of several built-in tools. You can discover all these in 90 seconds or less without giving you limits. With Tube Atlas, you can produce engaging videos in no time. Want to create videos that convert? Use Tube Atlas.

These hashtags that Tube Atlas generates are tested and proven to increase traffic to your Tube videos. Though it is not a cloud-based platform (if you are looking for cloud-based tools), it is very much compatible with both Windows and iOS devices. Thus, it works better when pooling data from YouTube using your device’s capabilities, rather than sharing extraction data with millions of other users on the cloud server.

Their Features

KeywordSearch Features

1. AI Keyword Research

AI is continuously taking the world by storm, and it gets better day by day. KeywordSearch uses the power of AI when providing what its users need. This tool is powered by machine learning so you can discover the best YouTube keywords with this AI algorithm that top YouTube marketing experts worldwide have developed.

2. Video Placement Ads

With KeywordSearch, you can also discover what video placements are best for your YouTube ads, so you can maximize conversions. It also introduces the “Infinite Scroll” feature that constantly refreshes more videos, making the search for video placements faster and much easier.

3. Competitor Research

Every business wants to stay ahead of the competition. If you want to get a better perspective of the whereabouts of your competitors, or basically what they are posting, use KeywordSearch. This tool conducts deep competitor research on your competitors’ keywords, rankings, YouTube channels, and videos. You just need to sit back and relax as you wait for KeywordSearch to generate the results of your competitor research for you.

4. Keywords Organization

KeywordSearch’s “Collections” feature lets you easily keep track of all your keywords, videos, and competitors. You can also make unlimited collections for every project, campaign, video, or research session. This time, let us learn about the features of the second tool in the bundle, Tube Atlas.


Tube Atlas Features

1. Keyword Generator

Tube Atlas will let you identify thousands of top keywords directly from YouTube’s auto-suggest engine. Here, you can analyze search volume, cost-per-click or CPC, and many other competition data with its incredibly navigable interface.

Like KeywordSearch, Tube Atlas also lets you stay ahead of the competition. But how does it do this? Well, this tool gives you the top trends in any niche that you search. Get an entire year of search volume data and trends for more than 250 countries. Now that is what staying on top of the competition is all about.

3. Video Analyzer

Tube Atlas also offers the Video Analyzer feature. With one click, you can be able to extract a wide range of data from any video on YouTube. You gain instant access to all important data for your research, such as views, likes, comments, and estimated earnings. Furthermore, Tube Atlas also lets you scrape emails directly from video descriptions. How impressive is that?

4. Browser Extractor

With this feature, you can quickly uncover the highest-converting videos in your YouTube feed while you are conducting your everyday browsing. Get access to powerful filters, and extract the most relevant data for all the videos you are browsing.

5. Channel Analyzer

With Tube Atlas, you can also extract more than 17 data points from any YouTube channel. Put an end to the seemingly endless wondering about which channels are generating the most money.

6. Video-To-Text Converter

With just one click, you can convert any video into new, fully formatted content by converting it to text in just a few seconds. No need to manually convert the video into an article. Using Tube Atlas’ built-in AI, you can also instantly add proper punctuation to the content faster.

7. Comment Analyzer

Using Tube Atlas, you do not just get a better perspective of your video content, but you also see what the viewers are saying about your videos. This will, in turn, help you uncover useful marketing data. Sort by the comments which videos have garnered the most engagements, and improve on things based on these findings.

8. Content Spinner

Tube Atlas is also known for its world-class content spinner. Everything is automized here, so you never have to manually accomplish stuff. This built-in translating spinner will translate your content through two languages and back to your target language to output superior-quality spun content.

9. Video Title Generator

Spending hours just to think of a good title for your video? And when you come up with a title, are you sure that it will produce the most conversions? With this title generator at Tube Atlas, you can quickly produce over 1,000 headlines that are not just powerful, but also help increase engagement with your videos.

10. Video Downloader

You do not need a separate software just to download videos from YouTube. You also have the choice if you want to download the entire video with the audio, or only the audio, say if you want the video’s sound or music to be part of your playlist.

11. Tag Analyzer

Meanwhile, this feature allows you to find and analyze the tags that are garnering the most engagement and views. You just simply need to choose the YouTube tags that are already driving traffic to other videos in your niche, then use them in your own videos.

12. Video Title Analyzer

This Video Title Analyzer feature works very similarly to the Tag Analyzer. Tube Atlas is one of the very few software that offers this feature.

Pricing Details


KeywordSearch is $97 per month. This already includes features such as AI keyword research, YouTube video placement ads, competitor research, and smart collections. But if you want more, you can purchase the other option in its pricing plans, the KeywordSearch + AdSpy bundle. This is $147 per month, and already includes everything in the first option, plus the capabilities to spy on your competitor’s YouTube ads, track YouTube ad spend trends, and unlimited keyword and ad search.

Tube Atlas

Tube Atlas is now being offered at a one-time payment amounting $67. With this, you can already enjoy Tube Atlas’ 12 built-in features, plus the capabilities to easily generate hashtags, analyze YouTube shorts, extract unlisted videos, and more, and bonus description generator, bonus online hashtag generator, and bonus training videos, among many others.

Most Searched Quora Questions About YouTube And So Much More

What Are The Best Targeting Strategies For YouTube Ads?

YouTube ads allow both individuals and businesses to maximize the reach of their video content. To get the most out of YouTube ads, you should know the best targeting strategies for these YouTube ads. Here are the best targeting strategies for YouTube ads.

First is search-based targeting. This lets you strategically place your ads on videos by getting a glimpse into a user’s YouTube search history. For instance, if your business sells hair products, your search-based video ad targeting should focus on people researching hair products on YouTube or Google.

Second are competitor channels. How does this work? Well, here is an example. If your business sells makeup, you may want to target a direct competitor’s video and have your ads appear on their videos. In this way, you gain a competitive edge that can help you reach new clients.

Third is customer match. How does this one work? Read closely. You know the Google Ads allows business to upload CSV or Excel files that contain emails, such as from an email subscriber list. You can utilize these emails to target prospective customers directly on YouTube. With this strategy, you can promote your ads to users with the most value and who are interested in your business. In turn, you can get more from your ad campaigns, like new leads and customers.

The fourth strategy is demographic targeting. This strategy allows you to create audiences based on location, age, gender, parental status, and so much more.

The fifth and last targeting strategy for YouTube ads are interests. Interest targeting uses values, attitudes, lifestyles, interests of course, and hobbies to target users.

What Is The Best Free YouTube Keyword Tool?

Are you looking for the best free YouTube keyword tool? We recommend that you try TubeBuddy. It is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that directly works alongside YouTube. It is already equipped with a keyword explorer, helping you find long-tail keywords that will best optimize your YouTube videos.

What Are The Best YouTube Tags?

It is interesting that you asked that question. Well, allow us to tell you that the best YouTube tags depend on the type of video you are sharing. Nonetheless, you can use any of these tags generally for your videos: #youtubeislife #subscriber #youtubeguru #youtubecontent #newvideo #subscribers #youtubevideo #youtub #youtuber and #youtubevideos.

If you would like to post videos on gaming channels, the most popular tags are #gamers, #freefire, #games, #live, and #gaming. If yours are food videos, you can use these YouTube tags: #tastyrecipes, #cook, #chef, #homemade, and #foodie, among many others.

The most popular YouTube tags for fashion and beauty channels are #beautyskin, #beautyhacks, #skincarereview, #modelislife, and #indianmodels, among others. For entertainment channels, the most popular tags are #fun, #live, #funny, #comedy, and #lol.

How Do YouTube Ads Work?

YouTube ads work by targeting a particular audience based on their interests. However, advertisers can choose to target viewers according to their age, gender, and location as well. They can also target audiences who have already watched other YouTube videos similar to the one they are advertising.

YouTube ads are placed either before, during, or even after a video. They can be in the form of text, image, or video ads. The advertiser pays for this ad each time it is played, and YouTube keeps track of how many times the ad is played.

How Do You Become A YouTube Content Creator?

Believe it or not, many individuals have already treated being a YouTube content creator a career because it really has the potential to earn them income. Follow these steps to become a YouTube content creator.

The first thing you have to do is to find your niche. Is it about unboxing things, or maybe reviewing products? Once you have found your niche, define your “why.” What are your goals? Why are you doing this? What is your purpose?

Then, you must know your audience and your competition. Afterward, it is time to create your YouTube channel page. Creating your channel page is just like signing up on Facebook. It is really easy. Then, you now have to start your content calendar. What types of content are you going to create?

Afterward, you need to schedule your videos in advance. Then, do not forget to use calls-to-action or CTAs, respond to comments, and promote your channel. There you have it, the steps on how you can become a YouTube content creator.

Final Verdict: Trend Now On YouTube Like You Have Never Experienced Before

Are you a content creator regularly producing videos on YouTube? Or, are you an entrepreneur sharing videos about your products with your subscribers on YouTube? Do you feel you need more when it comes to creating YouTube videos that gain a lot of viewers and engagement? If you do, you might want to consider using tools that will help you produce more engaging videos for your clients.

You have learned about KeywordSearch and Tube Atlas, tools that can help you optimize your YouTube videos, so they are on top of search results, and find out what kinds of videos convert more. Whether you want to create YouTube shorts, YouTube ads, or marketing videos, KeywordSearch and Tube Atlas are your partners to produce clips that generate a lot of views for your individual or business needs.

Combine the powers of these two video content creator tools as they work together to help you succeed in your video production and marketing goals. We highly recommend them.