The Trendiest Stray Kids Merch!: From Stray Kids Oddinary Album To Cute Toys

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Added on Oct 17, 2022
The Trendiest Stray Kids Merch!: From Stray Kids Oddinary Album To Cute Toys

Stray Kids is one of the most popular K-Pop singing – and dancing – groups today, not only among Koreans but also among international audiences. Managed by JYP Entertainment – the same company that handles TWICE, ITZY, and 2PM, among many others – this uber-sensational K-Pop group is known for the songs “Thunderous,” “God’s Menu,” “MIROH,” “MANIAC,” “Back Door,” “Charmer,” and so much more. They started out and were formed in one of JYP Entertainment’s favorite ways: through a survival show. Not long after, they were catapulted into becoming a worldwide phenomenon, well-loved by several avid fans and supporters. If you are a fan of this group and want to enhance your K-Pop experience with them, you might want to consider owning merchandise about who else, Stray Kids. In this rundown, we will take a look at some of their best merchandise that are taking the whole world and the K-Pop universe by storm.

Top 8 Stray Kids Merch You Should Buy Right Now

Listed below are eight of the best Stray Kids merch that you should consider buying and owning right now, from the Stray Kids Oddinary album to cute plush dolls. We are also going to present what customers and K-Pop stans are saying about each of the products. Are you excited?

Stray Kids

1. Stray Kids Oddinary Album

The first merchandise on our list is none other than the Stray Kids Oddinary album. No celebrity or singer merchandise would be complete without, of course, their album. Released only in March 2022, “Oddinary” features the songs “VENOM, “FREEZE,” “Muddy Water,” “MANIAC,” “Lonely St.,” “Charmer,” and “Waiting For Us.” Available on Amazon, this package, upon your purchase, already includes the album CD and not just this, but it also has the photobook, lyrics paper, photocards, mini poster, sticker, character art book, and so much more items perfect for anybody gushing over Stray Kids.

What Customers And K-Pop Fans Say About This

For Amazon customer gm8, they are happy about this purchase, as it is also the first time they are buying a K-Pop album. “The album came with so many inclusions!” said customer Lillika T.

Stray Kids

2. Stickers

These waterproof and sun-proof stickers are perfect for your laptops, water bottles, phone cases, chargers, luggage, and practically every possible item where you can place these stickers on. Made with high-quality vinyl polyvinyl chloride, these stickers are available in 170 different styles, so it never really runs out of what they can provide. With these stickers, you can show your love for this K-Pop group wherever you go.

What Customers And K-Pop Fans Say About This

Customer Jaz on Amazon said the stickers are so cute.

Stray Kids

3. Stray Kids Character Socks

Show off your style and, at the same time, your love for the group through fashion with these character socks. These socks are worth your money because each purchase will give you eight pairs, perfect for daily wear within a week already. The material consists of cotton, polyester, spandex, and nylon. This high-quality product is made in Korea.

What Customers And K-Pop Fans Say About This

“The socks have held up well to weekly washing and while unpadded are comfortable for non-exercise socks,” Amazon customer Lisa Tobleman said.

Stray Kids

4. Official Lightstick

You may have already owned a lightstick, but perhaps you have not yet owned an official lightstick. What is this Stray Kids official lightstick all about? Well, aside from being able to bring and use it for concerts, this official lightstick bears the official branding of the K-Pop group. Change between various lighting mods, including blinking and flickering lights. Powered by alkaline batteries, it also has a wireless control feature.

What Customers And K-Pop Fans Say About This

Many customers on Amazon love their purchase. Brianna Wood said, “I highly recommend! Works and connects to the app!” Customer Alexis said they are very happy about their purchase.

5. Stray Kids Sneakers

Previously, you have learned about the character socks. Now, it is time to pair those socks with these awesome sneakers. These sneakers are very high-fashion, draped in black color with the Stray Kids text printed in white color. The footwear pair is made of canvas upper with an anti-skin rubber sole, so they are soft and comfortable to wear.

What Customers And K-Pop Fans Say About This

Amazon customer AussieMek said, “These are so comfy… They are so cool and I love how good they feel when wearing them!”

6. Lightstick Keychain

There are just some K-Pop fans who really want to show everybody how they love a certain K-Pop group. With this lightstick keychain, you can carry their brand wherever you go. Already bearing the official Stray Kids logo, you can hang this keychain with your bags, pendants, collectibles, and phone accessories.

What Customers And K-Pop Fans Say About This

As usual, the customers are loving everything about this keychain. Phillip Morehead said he loves this charm. Meanwhile, customer Lauren shared how this is a perfect addition to their wallet that also has the photo cards. Perfect for every fan of the K-Pop group, absolutely.

7. Stray Kids School Backpack

Want to impress the people in your class and show them how much you love this sensational group? Own this school backpack right now. This backpack will not only carry your valuables, but it also comes with USB and audio cable ports should you want to connect your devices, such as your smartphones and tablets. It already comes with several pockets, so you can keep everything organized and find what you need easily.

What Customers And K-Pop Fans Say About This

“I needed a bag since mine was wearing out. Wanted something suitable for college classes as well as something SKZ-themed. I absolutely loved the way this one came in. It’s perfect for holding everything I need, whether it’s school supplies, art supplies, drinks, or my other necessities,” said customer ty.

8. Plush Dolls

Plush dolls are swiftly becoming a sensation today. And if you are wondering if there are Stray Kids-themed plush dolls available around, there definitely are. These plush dolls are certainly a keepsake to cherish. The package dimensions are 15.43 by 12.32 by 6.14 inches. It only weighs 0.67 kilograms.

What Customers And K-Pop Fans Say About This

Amazon customer Mom of 3 wrote, “Bought this for my daughter. Shipping was fast!”

Most Searched Quora Questions On Stray Kids

What’s Stray Kids Official Merchandise Store? I Tried Searching For It But I Can’t Find It. If Not, Where Can I Buy Stray Kids Merch?

You may have heard or learned about their merchandise being promoted by the K-Pop group itself, JYP Entertainment, in commercials, in posters, or somewhere else, and we understand how much you are willing to take only to grab these items since you are a K-Pop fan. Actually, you can do a Google search and type “Stray Kids merchandise,” and you can already find several results. From our research, we found that their merchandise is available from these websites: Stray Kids Shop, Stray Kids Merch Official, Stray Kids Store, and more. If you want to look further, you can also find their merchandise from popular eCommerce stores worldwide, such as Amazon, Shopee, and Lazada.

What Is The Real Amount Of Stray Kids Members?

Eight members. They debuted as a group consisting of nine members, but one had left in 2019 due to personal reasons. Currently, they are a group consisting of eight members. They are: Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N.

Who Are The Members Of Stray Kids?

The current members are: Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Seungmin, I.N, and Felix. Stray Kids is one of the most popular K-Pop groups worldwide.

Who Are The Members Of Stray Kids From The Oldest To The Youngest?

Here are the members from the oldest to the youngest. The oldest is Bang Chan, born October 3rd, 1997. Then, you got Lee Know, born October 25th, 1998. He is followed by Changbin, born August 11th, 1999. Hyunjin is born on March 20th, 2000. He is followed by Han, born on September 14th, 2000. Next is Felix, born September 15th, 2000, just a day after Han’s birthday. Seungmin is born on September 22nd, 2000. The youngest is I.N, born on February 8th, 2001.

How Old Is Stray Kids?

If you are talking about how old is the entire group, they debuted on March 25th, 2018, so they are around four years old and will celebrate their fifth year anniversary this March 2023. But if you are talking about the age of each of the members, here are the details about Stray Kids’ ages: Bang Chan is 25 years old, Lee Know is 23 years old, Changbin is also 23 years old. Hyunjin, Han, Felix, and Seungmin are 22 years old. I.N is 21 years old.

Why Does Felix Of Stray Kids Have A Korean Name? (Does He Need One For His Career Or Is It Just Tradition?)

Stray Kids Felix was born in Australia and spent some of his life years there. But he has a Korean name also because of tradition.

The Stray Kids Fever Is On!

Without a doubt, Stray Kids is among the biggest and brightest K-Pop sensations today. They are not only producing amazing K-Pop songs and performing in concerts, but also they are ambassadors and endorsers of several brands in Korea and around the globe, such as Lotte Duty Free, Shopee, Coke Caster, Jambangee, Dazed Korea, and so much more. For those who want to immerse more into the Stray Kids experience, you might want to consider investing in merchandise about this K-Pop group. From the list above, you have learned there are a lot of merchandise about this group available around. There are albums, stickers, socks, lightsticks, sneakers, keychains, backpacks, and plush dolls, all themed with Stray Kids and everything about the K-pop group. Join the many people and K-Pop stans who are elevating the Stray Kids experience with these merchandise. Show your love for Stray Kids.