These Nostalgic Old Phones Are A Must-Own: Your Top 7 Choices

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Added on Oct 12, 2022
These Nostalgic Old Phones Are A Must-Own: Your Top 7 Choices
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Ring, ring – sometimes, the way your conversations over the phone go depends on the design and look of the phone. Some like it more modern, such as a flip phone perhaps, while others want to travel back in time and converse with a vintage phone. A vintage phone is characterized by a dialler that you spin, rather than today’s touchscreen feature, to name one example. With the popularity of these old school phones among communities of people collecting antique items, it seems that they just love owning a vintage phone. This brings the idea: what are the greatest phones of all? Not on the basis of performance and power, but from a nostalgic point of view. Don’t worry if you feel like playing Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s song, “Telephone” while reading this article. Even us too. So without further ado, here is the list of the best. Own a vintage phone today.

Vintage Phone Best 7 List

Any of these antique telephones will surely take you back in time. Let us get started with the list of the best old landline phones.

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1. TFCFL Vintage Rotary Telephone

Let’s get started with the rundown from this Vintage Rotary Telephone from TFCFL. From its look to its dialler, to its ringtone, everything goes back in time with this vintage phone. Easy to operate, this phone requires no battery nor an external power supply. You can use this telephone line directly. It also features retro ringtones that sound like sweet, tingling bells. Plus, you get the classic rotate dialing, and redial that is hands-free. Right as your purchase, the package includes the old-fashioned telephone, the telephone handset, the telephone line, and the user manual. This antique phone is suitable for homes, offices, hotels, galleries, and many other spaces that want to showcase nostalgic feels to everybody visiting. Price on Walmart: $65 (All prices from here and moving forward are updated as of writing)

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2. DENEST Antique Style Button Dial Telephone

Turn your spaces into a place that offers a retro vibe with this Antique Style Button Dial Telephone from DENEST. It is made of high-quality and durable ceramic material, enabling this phone to last you a long time. Ceramic is a nice material not just for a vintage phone, but also for other things because it is heat-resistant, hard-wearing, and long-lasting. The color is also striking to the eyes. It is shaded in the colors of black and gold, suggesting a very formal feel. Price on Walmart: $38

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3. IRISVO Rotary Dial Telephone

Here is another great-looking vintage phone on this list. If you want a smaller vintage phone that does not take up a lot of space as the previous phones do, you can choose this Rotary Dial Telephone by IRISVO. This phone has a rotary dial made of metal alloy and a body made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, materials that are not only durable, but also supplementary to the retro and luxurious vibe that this antique phone suggests. Using this phone, you can enjoy the classic traditional chime and bell ringer that is both clear and sweet. Both its handset cord and the phone cord are replaceable. Also great to be given as a gift to your loved ones. Price on Amazon: $53.99

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4. Hewnda Creative Retro Telephone

We promise, once you get this phone, your space will feel like it is transported back to the old times. This Creative Retro Telephone by the Hewnda brand is made of high-grade resin material. Its beautiful design, outstanding details, and style filled with nostalgia make this vintage phone a great decorative piece not just for homes, but also for cafés, bars, and more. You can also hand over this phone as a gift for friends, colleagues, teachers, relatives, and the elderly. Price on Amazon: $18.99 We got more antique phones on this list, so keep on reading.

5. Dpofirs Fashionable Lip Telephone

If, on the other hand, you want to combine the touches of modernity and old times, you can choose to purchase this Fashionable Lip Telephone by Dpofirs. As the name suggests, it features a unique pink-colored lip design that makes it not only bright and interesting, but also modern and very attractive. Aside from displaying this in your homes, this work of art is also perfect as a decoration for hotels and other commercial establishments, especially if you want to offer a very nostalgic and disco-inspired vibe. Moreover, this lip telephone is made of top-quality acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material, ensuring it is durable and will last you a long time. It also has very powerful features. The sound is good, not problematic, and the calls you will make using this lip-shaped phone are clear. Price on Amazon: $29.12

6. TelPal Corded Old Fashion Antique Landline Telephone Décor 1960s

If you loved the 1960s, so do we. Take a trip down memory lane, particularly to the 60s decade, with this antique landline telephone by TelPal. Aside from the beautiful design of this vintage phone, it is also made of high-quality China ceramic material that does not get rustic easily. Not just this, but the base of this telephone is also heavy enough, so it will not fall from the desktop unless by accident, of course. Great as a gift, this vintage phone is telephone line-powered, with the telephone cord included in the package as your purchase. No need for batteries or extra power. Price on Amazon: $39.99

7. Benotek Telephone

Sad as it may seem, we are now down to the last vintage phone on our list. But we are going to end our countdown with a bang. If you miss the peak days of the likes of Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Madonna, and Whitney Houston, just to name a few, travel back to the 1980s with this Benotek telephone. The design of this vintage phone is authentically 1980s, featuring the colors bright green, red, blue, pink, ivory, gray, and black. Perfect as a decoration for homes, offices, and hotels that want to bring in a retro feel in front of people. This is also made with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material, ensuring that it will last you for several years. It is line powered, so no need for batteries, making this also a great backup phone in case there are power outages in your area. Price on Amazon: $45.99

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And here are the most searched questions on Quora about your vintage phone and many other related discussions. Take a look.

Where Can I Get Vintage Nokia Cell Phones?

Generally speaking, it is quite weird for other people if you are looking to buy a vintage phone as your brand new phone, considering that today’s trend is always on the latest models, such as touchscreen phones. Are there even people not using a touchscreen phone nowadays? But, it is interesting to note that there are groups of individuals who are into investing in vintage phones, such as vintage Nokie cell phones because of the sentimental value they hold. It just brings in all the memories from the past. Also, some would like to invest in antique items because they want to sell these to others, making a business and earning money out of them. Some just want to collect them because it is their hobby. So where can you get vintage Nokia cell phones? You can still find and buy vintage Nokia phones from popular online stores like Etsy, eBay, Best Buy, Amazon, and AliExpress. Actually, a simple Google search like “Where can I get vintage Nokia cell phones?” will also give you several results.

What Exactly Is Vintage Fashion?

Well, “vintage” is defined as any object, such as clothing, jewelry, and phones, representing a previous era or social period that is – take note of this – at least 40 years old but not older than 100 years. In the world of fashion, vintage clothing can either be haute couture or quality mainstream fashion labels. It can be used, new from deadstock, manufactured, or handmade.

What Is The Difference Between Antique And Vintage Furniture?

The terms “antique” and “vintage” are sometimes used interchangeably, but for those OCD about words, these two terms are actually different. The word “vintage” does not have a stringent definition compared to the word “antique.” Their definitions have changed through the years, but “vintage” is pretty much a blanket term used to refer to older items. This means that an object from the 1930s or the 1970s could both be regarded as vintage. “Antique” is something 100 years and older.

Wrapping Up

Owning a vintage phone is something that not a lot of people would do. However, for those who are into collecting antique items, there are a lot of benefits that investing in old items can give you. Some people collect antique items like a vintage phone because these things hold sentimental value, while others collect them since they enjoy selling these to other people. Some are into this to satisfy their hobby, while others find these items match the designs of their homes. Nowadays, with the use of modern devices such as smartphones and tablets, it makes you want to ask, “What to do with old cell phones?” But these antique phones for sale should not just be left in the past and forgotten. You can invest in and own these old school phones, match them with the theme and designs of your spaces, and bring in that nostalgic feeling that will definitely impress the people around you.