Trendy Nails 2022: Beautiful Nails For Those Glitz And Glamour

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Added on Oct 08, 2022
Trendy Nails 2022: Beautiful Nails For Those Glitz And Glamour

Women always love to style their nails, and for all the good reasons. Check out the hottest and trendiest nails right now. Unleash your glamour.

People, especially women, tend to get creative, sometimes even outrageous, and flaunt their personalities when it comes to styling their nails. Wearing good-looking nails – just like styling the hair, taking care of your skin, and beautifying your face – makes you feel good about yourself. These nails make us look fresh, pretty, and neat all the time. They make us happy as you wear these nails to impress other people, or just for yourself.

Today, we cover the hottest and the trendiest nails that are taking the world and the world of beauty by storm. Whether your taste and preference now are trendy almond nail designs or trendy short acrylic nails, these nail designs will surely bring out the beauty in you.

Top 8 Trendiest Nails In 2022

1. KISS Salon Acrylic French Nail Manicure Set

If you feel like a little touch of sophistication will take away your worries for today, you might want to consider wearing French nails. This French nail manicure set comes from KISS, a leading worldwide brand that does not only supply artificial nails and press-on nail manicure kits, but also false eyelashes, and professional hair straighteners and tools.

Marketed in over 100 countries, the products from this brand feature the hottest colors, shapes, lengths, finishes, and custom art, so you can “bring the salon home.”

One of the amazing products in the brand’s catalog, this salon acrylic French nail manicure set is inspired by custom salon acrylic. They are false nails that glue on in within minutes but can be worn for up to a week. It uses acrylic-infused technology that makes these nails bubble-free, chip-free, and very durable. It is also thinner at the cuticle for a seamless look you will love.

To zoom in on this, these are snug fit at the cuticle, 25 percent thinner than other brands on the market. Plus, their flexible fit at the nail bed delivers lasting comfort. You will also like its acrylic nail tip, which is 10 times stronger than other at-home nail brands. If you are worried about these damaging your natural nails, they won’t.

Additionally, these nails are waterproof and come with a smudge-free finish that stays perfect after application. For every purchase, each kit has 28 fake nails, a pink nail glue, a mini file, and a manicure stick.

2. YOSOMK Short Press-On Nails With Flower Designs

Add more color to your life with these fake square nails from the brand YOSOMK. As you purchase, you will be given a package that already has 24 short press-on nails different in various sizes, so you will find a fake nail that suits your nail size. The package also includes a double-sided jelly sticker to create a lasting effect, a nail file, and a small wooden stick.

Why do women love these short press-on nails? One of the reasons is the material. These false nails are made of high-quality acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material that does not release any irritating smell, does not break easily, and does not harm your nails or your body. This material provides a higher gloss, letting you use these nails with confidence.

Not only these, but YOSOMK’s short nails are designed according to the curvature of your nails, comfortable to wear, and with a modern thickness that creates a more natural effect.

With these nails, you can be the center of attraction during parties or maybe when out on a date. This product is also perfect to give as a gift to your sisters, friends, and loved ones.

3. BTArtbox Soft Almond Get Nail Tips

If you are an avid reader and follower of online content that discuss today’s most popular nail designs, you will find that trendy almond nail designs are among the hottest in town. Are you in search of these types of nail designs? Look no further than at these soft almond gel nail tips by BTArtbox. Women and teenagers love almond nails.

Easy to apply, these trendy almond nails are the soak-off type, so when you need to remove them, you can manageably do so without damaging your nail beds. The nails can easily be dissolved in nail polish remover.

Moreover, these soft gel nail tips also feature half-frosted surfaces, so they do not easily fall off while you are wearing them.

Plus, they are made with poly(methyl methacrylate) soft gel material, so the nails get back into shape despite bending, leaving no traces and cracks, maintaining that beauty all the time.

Once you purchase, you will also be provided with a numbered storage box, making it easier to find the correct tips you need according to the size you are looking for. This also keeps everything organized.

BTArtbox is all about beauty, beauty, and more beauty. The brand says they aim to help women worldwide enjoy nail art at home, and thrive in their beautiful, creative and vigorous states.

4. Magrace Press-On Medium-Length Almond Nails

Save your hard-earned money and effort going to the salon with these press-on, medium-length almond nails from Magrace. This 24-piece nail set consists of acrylic nails made of eco-friendly ABS resin material, which is not only sustainable for the Earth, but also non-toxic. You will surely love them.

Applying these is easy peasy. You can wear brand new nails within 15 minutes, compared to the hours you spend in the nail salon, which you can still use for your other important errands.

They are not only great as presents for your loved ones, but also perfect to wear during special occasions in your life, such as birthdays, weddings, proms, and even on your dates. Own this today.

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5. Umillars False Almond Nails

Here is another trendy almond nail set that those who are thinking big about their nails will definitely swoon over. You know why? Because each package of these false almond nails brought to you by the Umillars store contains more than 300 pieces! You read that right, more than 300 pieces in various colors that can match any occasion in your life.

Like the other nails on our list, these solid color false nails are made of high-quality ABS material that will not cause any kind of discomfort to your nails, can fit well with your natural nails, and gives you a nice manicure experience.

Whether you are a professional nail specialist or prefer to have it DIY, these nails can provide you with the design and pattern that suit your tastes, making your fingers and your overall look evem more charming.

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6. COSICS Press-On Nails

Keep thinking big, especially with these press-on nails by COSICS. This brand wraps up everything you need to sport those beautiful nails as each package of their press-on nails consists of 100 pieces of coffin nails and 100 pieces of almond nails. Plus, you can choose between five different pre-colored nail tips: nude, pink, lavender purple, light purple, and orange.

You ask about their material? Well, these nails are made of ABS material that keeps everything durable and sturdy, perfect for everybody, especially for those who use their hands a lot. Easy to shape, trim, file and paint, they can match other accessories your nails are wearing, such as gems, rhinestones, glitter, dip powder, charms, and so much more.

They come with a plastic storage organizer, so everything is kept organized. Start wearing these during the most important occasions in your life, from New Year to Christmas.

The brand where these nails come from aims to offer high-quality and trendy nail beauty accessories that let you to always refresh your nail style. It uses excellent and advanced production technologies that not only make its products beautiful but also top-notch in quality.

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7. Dornail Embossed Nail Stickers

Feeling a bit more creative as you dress up your nails? Consider introducing nail stickers to your fashion and style with this choice from Dornail. Nail stickers feed on the idea making you stand out more.

In each package, you get six sheets of 5D stereoscopic embossed nail stickers that feature butterfly designs, allowing you to enhance the way you style your nails. Made of eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, these nail stickers are perfect either for home or nail salon use.

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8. RARJSM Green Holographic Nail Gel Polish

Holographic nail gel polish? You can just imagine how glamorous the polish will look on your nails. We are excited to introduce to you this green holographic nail gel polish from RARJSM, a brand that specializes in designing and manufacturing gel polish products that dance with the latest trends in fashion.

Their gel polish is of the soak-off type, so they are easy to apply, leaving no chips and smudges, and once on your nails, they also do not peel off easily. However, take note that this nail polish needs to be cured by a nail lamp, such as an LED lamp.

RARJSM’s nail polish is made of non-toxic and natural resin that is not only low-odor and rich in color but also does not shrink and edge the entire time you wear it.

Wearing Those Glamorous Nails: A Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the right nails that will appear beautiful on you is easier said than done. Literally, there are several brands on the market today – with more new brands launching every now and then – selling these nail sets, so it is rather difficult to choose what suits you.

However, with this buyer’s guide that will discuss the things you should consider when looking for that perfect nail care set, you will be able to transform things in no time. So, what are the features you must consider when buying products of this kind?

Package Content

The first thing to consider when buying nail products such as those presented above is the package content. Most kits already contain the tools you need when introducing new designs for your nails. Be sure everything is complete, so you do not have to spend more money on the tools.

Material, Quality, And Durability

It is also important that you consider looking at the quality and durability of the product you are buying, as well as the material it is made of. You will not just be wearing those nails and then lying on your couch and relaxing the whole time. You will move and use your hands, so it is important to find nail designs that last long.


Sometimes, a low price does not mean you are saving a lot. Similarly, an expensive product does not mean you get the highest quality. So, it is important to find the balance between the price and the features of the nail products you are buying.

There you have it, eight of the trendiest nails you must try right now. Most of the time, you really do not have to spend so much money going to the nail salon only to style your nails wonderfully. Sometimes, you only need to spend a little on these products and transform your nails even while you are at home. Want a beautiful nail makeover? Try one of these beautiful nail designs today.