Using A Personal Safety Alarm And More: 7 Self-Defense Tips To Protect You While Outdoors

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Added on Nov 02, 2022
Using A Personal Safety Alarm And More: 7 Self-Defense Tips To Protect You While Outdoors

Self-defense is what you need when you are outside your home. Traveling or commuting can be a fun adventure, but they also leave you more vulnerable, since you do not know what might happen to you. You are not always familiar with the surroundings, and that is just one of the things that come when you explore the unknown.

At the end of the day, it will always be about balancing the excitement to explore the world and practicing personal safety. Simple things such as minding your surroundings and the type of people around you will go a long way when it comes to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe while outside your house, especially while traveling.

When it comes to self-defense while outdoors, doing everything you can possibly do to protect yourself from attacks and negative experiences is as vital as having the skills needed to physically put an end to confrontations. Remember, you should only consider using physical force when all the other options have already been exhausted.

So what are the ways you can protect yourself while outdoors?

Top 7 Self-Defense Tips To Keep You Protected While Outside The House

Take heed of these important self-defense tips, and you will be safe while traveling or commuting.

Tip # 1: Plan All Your Moves Carefully

Nobody wants to be at the center of strangers’ attention when outdoors – constantly fumbling with maps, looking lost, and more. As much as possible, you want to stay guarded to avoid unexpected circumstances. While usually, the locals and other people can help you find yourself, every society has its bad apples, and some of them can take advantage of your cluelessness.

When you are commuting, even though you are passing by the same places every day, you should still always be aware of your surroundings. If you are traveling, it is important to properly plan out your trip for the day before going out of your hotel room. Know the directions to the place you are visiting. And, as much as possible, return to your base before the night falls.

But some people want to explore the place’s nightlife. If you are among them, make sure you inquire about the areas that are safe for tourists and crime-free. If possible, only head over to places like bars and clubs when accompanied by a group.

Tip # 2: Walk, Talk, And Speak Confidently

It has been said that criminals, in whichever place in the world, have one thing in common: they always go for the path with the least resistance. Another important self-defense tip is to make sure you are not giving off vibes that show you are an easy target.

Do not be afraid to assert yourself when conversing with others, and do not walk around with your head slumping down.

When you behave in an assertive manner, you give off the vibe you can protect yourself if the need arises, so the unscrupulous will not bother messing around with you.

Tip # 3: Respect Local Customs

We have all heard stories of people getting into fights with the locals over something trivial. Do not imitate these people. It is your responsibility to learn about and respect the cultural norms and laws in the places you visit. If you are ignorant about them, it might get you into trouble with the locals.

But what happens if you have already committed something not pleasing? If a local becomes agitated by you breaking their law, remember to be respectful and polite. Be apologetic. Sometimes, an apology is enough to mitigate the argument, since this can show you respect their feelings. However, you should still try your best not to break any of the laws in the places you are visiting.

Tip # 4: Play Close Attention To Your Surroundings

When it is common to get lost while visiting a place you are unfamiliar with or come across something you have never been into before during the commute, you still need to pay close attention to everything going on around you. For instance, if you find yourself in a place with a lot of aggressive and rowdy people, it is better to make an exit as soon as you can. Remember, curiosity killed the cat.

Removing yourself from a possible confrontation is one of the best self-defense tips you can adopt if you want to keep yourself safe. Also, set physical boundaries when interacting with people who tend to make you feel uneasy, and use your voice whenever necessary.

Tip # 5: Consider Self-Defense Aids

It is always nice to have stuff that can give you an edge should, knock on wood, someone attacks you. For example, if you are trekking into some vast wilderness, bringing a bear spray with you will help if you end up getting charged by a wild animal. This bear spray also works on human attackers.

Other items like whistles, stun guns, heavy-duty mini flashlights, and kubatons, among many others, can be used for self-defense purposes too. However, be sure you check with the local laws and airline restrictions if you are bringing these in your luggage.

Tip # 6: Enroll In Self-Defense Classes

Nothing compares to being able to apply self-defense moves when necessary. This is one of the biggest advantages of learning martial arts or enrolling in self-defense classes. This provides you the opportunity to learn tested and proven techniques that you can use to ward off possible attackers.

In these self-defense classes, self-defense instructors would simulate various scenarios when it is necessary to defend yourself. And, the entire experience is priceless. When you have actually put in the work and learned how to execute basic self-defense techniques in the right way, you do not have to worry about these techniques actually working in real-life situations.

They give you that extra confidence boost that is priceless should the need arises when you have to defend yourself. Drilling self-defense moves also enhances your capability to perform to your full potential when adrenaline kicks in during an attack.

But remember, use only techniques you are very comfortable with should you need to defend yourself. If encountering an attack, it is not the best time to touch the unknown. Bear in mind that the goal of self-defense is to create sufficient space for you to escape or subdue the attacker until help from other people or authorities arrives.

Tip # 7: Use A Personal Safety Alarm

Beyond those, of the most important and often overlooked tips for personal safety is using a personal safety alarm. You might think that the personal alarm is just a tiny tool, but you can never know how significantly it can help you when you need to protect yourself and practice self-defense.

You can find several great personal safety alarms around, such as those offered by the iARTidea store (which you will know more about a little later on). These tools can release a loud siren in just one simple press, drawing the attention of people around you, especially when you are not yet skilled at self-defense and need help. Not only this, but they also have a built-in LED light to illuminate your path, and for other purposes, such as finding the keyhole with ease or rummaging through your bag to look for your valuables in dark areas.

A Personal Safety Alarm Is What You Need For Self-Defense

If you need to use a safesound personal alarm to protect yourself, there are two personal safety alarms in today’s market that are touted to work best. Here they are.

1. iARTidea Personal Alarm Keychain Kit, Battery-Operated

This personal alarm keychain kit from the iARTidea brand is a must-have in your rucksack. It releases a 130 dB loud sound, thereby drawing the attention of people nearby.

This whistle is made of high-quality materials to ensure you can use this personal safety alarm without breaking apart for a long time.

It does not only release a loud sound, but it also comes with a built-in LED light you can use to light up your path, find the keyhole when unlocking your house door, or help you through when you need to search for items in your bag while in the dark.

Portable and easy to carry, it is perfect for short or long travels, jogging at night, outdoor adventures, and so much more. Everybody can use this, including women, kids, and the elderly.

2. Emergency Defense Safe Sound Personal Alarm Keychain With LED Light For Women

Another great self-defense tool you should have is this emergency personal alarm keychain. This personal safety alarm releases a 130 dB loud siren, and features a bright IP66 waterproof protection device, startling your attackers and alerting others to help you during emergency situations.

It is also rechargeable. It comes with a USB Type-C charger cable that charges the device in just an hour (up to 60 minutes of continuous alarm with a flashlight and up to around a year in standby mode).

The kids and the elderly can also use this. For the elderly, this personal safety alarm helps when they need to ask for medical attention. They only need to press the button, and the alarm will sound.

Bring this anywhere you go, whether to your school, bank, airport, and other places where you need to stay protected.

We have consulted Quora on the most popular questions about our topic, and here are our findings.

1. Is The “Safe Personal Alarm” Worth It?

Yes, tools like the safe personal alarm are worth your investment. It may be a tiny tool, but it does huge wonders. Many of these personal safety alarms can release a very loud sound enough to draw the attention of people nearby if you need further help. It helps you when you do not have ample self-defense skills yet to combat the attacker. Aside from the sound, many tools of this kind also have built-in LED lights to illuminate dark areas while you are walking along them. They are also very portable, so you can easily bring them wherever you go.

2. How Do Personal Alarms For The Elderly Work?

It is very important that the elderly own a safesound personal alarm. The main benefit of owning a personal alarm is that it can help you call for help quickly. Unlike a phone, a personal safety alarm can be worn throughout the day and automatically raise an alarm such as when you fall or simply need assistance. If your elderly loved one suffers from a long-term health condition, a safesound personal alarm truly makes the difference.

Personal safety alarm kits for the elderly can also scare away attackers, give peace of mind, and provide a better chance of recovery from illnesses needing immediate medical attention. Plus, they are also very affordable.

Among the most fearful things about going outside or traveling is that you will never know when a bad situation will arise which will bear the need to defend yourself. You cannot be 100 percent sure you will never find yourself in those situations, but you can control how prepared you can be. With the self-defense tips you learned about above, you can keep yourself protected while outside your house. Take heed of them. Do not be a victim.